giovedì, novembre 25, 2010

Radical is better_

Get the Hollow Point/Damaged Flipbook!

After surviving a near fatal gunshot wound to the head, a notorious assassin begins to experience disturbing visions from beyond the grave. He soon realizeds the bullet meant to kill him has opened a third eye into the spirit realm. Tortured by his own blood-soaked legacy, he is given a rare chance at redemption by avenging the ghosts of victim's past. With the dead as his new employer, he accepts a final contract that plummets him deep into the murky shadows of the underworld, where he will be forced to contront the ghosts of his past and battle an evil even greater than himself!
Created by: Ron Brinkerhoff
Written by: David Hine
Illustrated by: Elia Bonetti
Paints by: Ong Chew Peng
Cover illustration by: Tamas Gaspar